Welcome to a world of Play!

A world of games is coming and a new world
of games will never be the same.

Games with Xbox and Windows will never be
the same!


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Still Hearing and Listening

This is a stinking mystery or something but im still Listening
NO FOR REAL i am STILL Listening its strange and i have little
to no real actual direction of what i have to do but this is a
call to action by the Lord.


- Elegance Analysis World
- EA: Software ( Concerto )

Full Speed Ahead!!

Get ready cause the entire world will soon be
rid of all the darkness my little bucko Ed is on his
way to paint it all with life and get rid of that stinken
downer who well needs no saying.

Ed is the boy to glow it all up with Colour and life.

- Elegance Analysis World
- EA: Software / Animation  ( Concerto / Mickey Mouse )

From Windows 10 / 11 to Xbox, Play has no limits and a brand new mission for play.

Mind, Race and Challenge

Let it all come to mind and take a race and come to
the point where the hardest decisions may restart
your entire progress for the past few levels.

- Psychonauts / Forza 5 / Fantastical

- Elegance Analysis World
- EA: Software / Industrial (Xbox)

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